LiteraSee is an evidence-based reading intervention program that utilizes Orton-Gillingham's multi-sensory techniques and literacy rules.

The lessons are structured and systematic with an emphasis on phonics and word origins which empowers students to become better spellers. LiteraSee is streamlined to make learning and teaching more joyful and engaging!

With clever imagery, LiteraSee concept cards depict phonics and spelling principles making connections

more evident and aiding the student’s visual memory.  Best of all, the collection of lessons learned helps struggling readers and spellers see and celebrate their ongoing accomplishments! 

We give back 3% of our website sales to help Children's Dyslexia Centers provide free tutoring and Orton-Gillingham teacher training throughout the United States. 

It is our mission to offer a more accessible and sensible solution for research-based literacy intervention.

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at the International Dyslexia Association Conference,

October 24-27! 

            LiteraSee systematically and explicitly teaches:

        phonemic awareness            spelling rules            word structure           affixes & roots

      decoding strategies             reading fluency          basic grammar            word origins